Party Tips

  1. Be a relaxed host and spend time with your guests.
  2. Preparation, preparation, preparation! The more you can do ahead of time the more relaxed you’ll be.
  3. Go with the tried and tested recipes and entertainment. If you want to experiment, do it with family or close friends first and get feedback.
  4. If you are going to drink, don’t drink too much or start too early! Drinking while preparing for the party is tempting but there’s nothing worse than a host who loses the run of themselves before their guests do!
  5. Make sure everyone gets your attention and that no one is left alone in a corner to fend for themselves.
  6. Divert trouble before it starts. A good host is also a good diplomat.
  7. Match your entertainment to your guests, don’t be tempted to try getting granny to do twister or it will end in tears.