Case Study: 60th Birthday Party

Craic Organiser was responsible for organising a surprise 60th birthday party for a lady called Eileen in Cork city recently. It was a surprise birthday party at her house and 50 guests were invited to attend.

The guests were from all over Ireland and several other countries. They needed plenty of advance notice of the party and reminders when it came closer to the date. They also needed assistance getting accommodation close to the party address so that they could walk back at the end of the night.

A small group of close friends were enlisted to create a diversion for an hour while the decorating, catering and guests were organised on a very tight schedule.

Little touches such as funny direction signs to bathrooms, the bar, smoking area, etc. assisted guests in feeling comfortable and welcome. As each guest arrived they were welcomed, their coats and gifts were taken to designated spots and they were offered refreshments.

Many guests took phone videos and pictures of the very surprised birthday girl as she came in the door. As she moved down the hall she was surprised at every turn by friends and family she hadn’t seen in decades.

A pianist was hired for the evening to provide background atmosphere and to encourage the many musicians and singers into a session. A comedic story teller was also there and video recordings were made.

Catering consisted of fresh mini savory muffins, sweets and a variety of other finger foods.

In the run up to the party, guests were asked to send mementos, pictures, stories, letters, recipes, etc. for placing in a special hand made memory book. This also had pages for people to write in a quick message or memory at the party. Just before the Scrabble themed birthday cake made an appearance, the Memory Book was presented by a family member.

We still hear about how that Memory Book has expanded and how friendships have been rekindled continuing to bring joy long after the party is over.

It’s this attention to detail that we offer you for your special event, whether it is a business promotion/presentation, a private party, a memorial or community event.

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