A Non-Commercial Valentine’s Day

A Fallacy

The Valentine’s Day holiday was created by the greeting card industry to generate profit. This is not true, but they sure have exploited it for all it’s worth and, as a business owner, I have to admit I understand why. As a consumer, it annoys me that roses, dinners and weekends away can often be more expensive than normal just because it’s the 14th of February. Having said that, there is a recent trend in the opposite direction. Businesses realise that consumers want better deals or they just won’t spend, end of story. (See some great last minute deals and recommendations in the next blog post.) This article is going to concentrate on romance with minimal expense.

Take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine’s_Day and learn a little about this holiday’s origins. Saint Valentine’s Day was originally in honour of two Christian martyrs called Saint Valentine. It wasn’t until the 14th century that Saint Valentine’s Day became linked to romance. Valentine’s Day has been around for hundreds of years.

love noteWhy Bother With Val’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is an excuse to be a little more romantic, to show your love and affection for those close to you, and not just partners but friends and family members too. Some people are romantic all the time; some need a little reminder, a little push to show their affection more openly than usual. Sharing affection, being kind and thoughtful, and bringing positivity into people’s lives is a force of good in the world that we all rely on one way or another. Be a force of good in the world this Valentine’s Day. We all need a smile.

The Romantic Touches that Make the Day

Many small gestures often mean more than big ones. The following may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how effective they are when concentrated into a special day. Here’s a list of things you might like to try:

  • Touch more; hugs, kisses, a hand on the small of their back, around their waist, a brush of a cheek, hold hands, a whispered word in an ear or against a neck…
  • Laughter and fun, a tickle, a wrestle, a harmless prank…
  • Little sticky notes saying romantic things put in places that will be found, “I love you”, “You rock my world”, “my light, my love”, “my heart belongs to you”, basically the soppier the better but make sure you mean what you say ;)
  • Small thoughtful things, like getting them a favourite magazine or treat, scraping the frost of the car, pouring them a bath, fixing them a hot chocolate and pre-warming their slippers, whatever little thing they get comfort from.
  • Don’t act your age, draw love hearts in foggy windows or share a packet of love heart sweets (yes they still make them, but now they mention texting and facebook and stuff!!)
  • Be gentle, be kind, be affectionate.

Valentine’s Day Cards

People have been exchanging Valentine’s Day cards for hundreds of years. Originally these were handmade. One of my all time favourite cards was created by my husband using photographs, Photoshop, printer and a great sense of humour! Sometimes bought cards just don’t get the sentiment right. Why not take the time to create a card? You don’t have to be artistic, use newspaper/magazine/photo cut-outs, some red ribbon/felt/material, some glue, a nice pen and a full heart. It doesn’t have to look good, the message, the time and the thought that go into it will be more than enough.


There is no doubt; a massive bunch of two dozen red roses is romantic. However, for most people, it is totally unnecessary. A flowering plant in a pot, grown and bought locally, will often be cheaper, will last a lot longer and will have a far lower carbon footprint. Picking a favourite flower, or colour and the quick addition of a ribbon and love note will add that all important romantic touch.

Dinner and a Movie

Make dinner together and watch that DVD that still has the wrapping on it from Christmas! It might sound a bit like every other night in, but pay attention to the details and it will be special. It’s often down to the spirit in which things are done that makes all the difference. Add romantic touches as follows:

  • Freshen yourself up and get some comfortable glad rags on, preferably something he/she loves to see you in.
  • Don’t wear too much aftershave / perfume or makeup. Less is more. Be human, be honest, be yourself.
  • Turn off and unplug the phones, lock the doors, the rest of the world no longer exists!
  • Dig out all those half-used or gifted candles stuck in the back of the cupboard and arrange around the living room.
  • Set a cosy fire.
  • Cook (together or for him/her) a simple favourite meal. Make a special effort in the presentation.  Use the good dishes.
  • Set up the movie and any comfortable items like foot stools, throw rugs, etc. ready to go.
  • Arrange some nice fruits or finger foods, such as strawberries, in bite size pieces on a plate for after dinner/during the movie. (Feel free to experiment, hand feed each other, get a little freaky with the chocolate syrup if you feel the urge!)
  • Cuddle a lot.

Some Other Ideas

  • A surprise picnic and snog at lunch time.
  • A romantic walk – wrap up nice and warm and bring a flask.
  • Clear the living room floor and dance, when’s the last time you slow danced?
  • Present them with a memory scrapbook or box filled with pictures, used tickets, and other little reminders of the good times you’ve shared, include some ideas on what you’d like to share with them in the coming year and enjoy making plans together.

In a Nutshell

Spend time instead of money. It’s all about the feeling, not the high priced, short lived present!

Singles on Valentine’s Day

It can be a lonely time for some, so share the love if you and your friend are single, go out and have the craic together, don’t sit at home waiting for the postman. Valentine’s Day is the perfect night for a Lads or Girls night out. There is something rebellious about it that boosts the craic factor.


Would love to get some feedback, if you plan on doing any of the above, let us know how it went (keep it decent!). Post a photo on our Facebook page, or tweet us @craicorganiser

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